Order impossible to fulfill issued to youth

Friday, September 18, 2015, 13:00. On Friday, September 11, policemen and GSS personnel served a youth from Kiryat Arba with an administrative order. According to the order signed by the GOC of the Home Front Command, Major General Yo’el Strik, the youth is under house arrest effective only at night and must stay in a specific house in a community in the area of Beit Shemesh. However, the house does not belong to him and he does not reside in it. He had rented the house, but at some point he was no longer able to pay the rent and ended the lease. His predicament is exacerbated by the fact that for several months he has been under an administrative order banning him from entering Yehuda and Shomron and has been wandering between friends’ homes and dormitories due to the fact that according to the order he is forbidden to stay at his parents’ house in Kiryat Arba. He therefore has no permanent address at which he can stay under house arrest, which is a problem because the police demand that everyone under house arrest give them a permanent address for surveillance purposes.
When he received the administrative order for house arrest the youth explained to the policemen that he does not have a place at which to stay under house arrest at night because he does not have a permanent address. The policemen were not impressed and demanded that he inform them of the location at which he will stay under house arrest.
On Thursday, September 17, Honenu attorney Menasheh Yado sent an urgent letter to Major General Yo’el Strik, on behalf of the youth and stressed that he does not have a location at which to stay under house arrest. Yado demanded that the youth either be allowed to stay at his parents’ house in Kiryat Arba or alternatively that the State fund the rent for an apartment for him.
“Due to an administrative order banning my client from his parents’ home he does not have a permanent address and has been wandering between friends’ homes and the dormitories of various institutions, being assisted by the kindness of good people who are helping him because of his plight,” wrote Yado in his letter and added that, “The order issued to my client is intrinsically invalid because it is impossible to fulfill it.”
On the morning of Friday, September 18 Yado reported that, “The order is intrinsically invalid. It has absolutely no validity and leaving it as it is, despite the fact that it is impossible to fulfill it, places inappropriate pressure on the recipient. The authorities are aware of the error and therefore I demanded that they immediately authorize its cancellation.”

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