Oz Tzion: Arab arsonists indicted for attempted murder

Arab arson damage to caravan; Photo credit: Oz Tzion

Thursday, January 13, 2022, 12:21 The Military Advocate General indicted six Arabs suspected of throwing Molotov cocktails at a caravan in Oz Tzion in April 2021 for intent to cause death, the equivalent of attempted murder in a military court. The caravan was set on fire, and only by a miracle were the four Jewish youths sleeping inside able to escape without serious injury. The Arabs are also charged with arson.

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the youths, welcomed the stringent indictments: “We thank the IDF, the GSS and the Military Advocate General for arresting the terrorists and bringing them to trial for attempted murder. The incident described in the indictment reminds us that we are fighting a cruel enemy and that it is important to strengthen settlement in all parts of our country. It is important to prevent murderers and their supporters from taking land and establishing a terror state by destroying the State of Israel and its citizens. We intend to follow the trial and to demand a stiff penalty that will deter terrorists.”

Arab arson damage in Oz Tzion; Photo credit: Oz Tzion

According to the indictment, the terrorists planned the attack, collected glass bottles, purchased gasoline at a gas station, prepared the Molotov cocktails, and then set out to carry out the attack. Three of the terrorists approached the caravans of Oz Tzion, while the other three watched over what was happening, ready to warn the others if they were noticed.

After the first three verified that there were Jews in the caravan that they had reached and that there was an open window through which they could throw the Molotov cocktails, they shouted “Allah akhbar”, and threw the six Molotov cocktails that they had prepared ahead of time. Three Molotov cocktails entered through the open window, and the other three fell outside of the caravan.

The caravan went up in flames and the terrorists fled to their nearby village. The four Jewish youths sleeping in the caravan woke up and escaped the fire. Two of them suffered leg injuries due to being forced to jump through a window. The caravan was badly damaged, including the youths’ furniture, clothes and equipment.

One of the youths speaking about the arson attack; Video credit: Oz Tzion


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