Oz Tzion detainees expected to be released soon

Yehiel Indor, hospitalized; Photo credit: Free use

Monday, August 7, 2023, 21:23 Channel Now14 journalist Hallel Bitton Rosen reported this evening (Monday) on the Friday night attack near Oz Tzion during which one of the attacked residents opened fire on his attackers, allegedly killing one. Bitton Rosen stated that authorities familiar with the details of the investigation say that it will be very difficult to convict the shooter of manslaughter, and certainly not of murder, because the serious injury he received in the attack indicates that he acted in legitimate self-defense.

Additionally, Channel 12 News reported that there is little chance that the Oz Tzion residents will be indicted for any crime of causing death, and they are expected to be released from remand in the coming days. The body of the Arab rioter from Burqa who was shot during the incident did not undergo an autopsy before burial. Channel 12 News reporter Moshe Nussbaum explained that without an autopsy, it is impossible to connect the bullet casings and the bullets that were found at the scene of the crime with the body. Additionally, it was reported that the investigators did not find any video recording of the shooting.

Today, Honenu Attorney Nati Rom sent a letter to the Yehuda and Shomron Police demanding that they investigate the attackers on suspicion of attempted murder: “Today, it was publicized that several suspects of the rioting were detained only last night, (one of whom is noticeably injured and has certainly been hospitalized since the incident). In the announcement by the police spokesperson, it was said that the suspects will be investigated for aggravated assault and grievous bodily harm. The group of rioters was extremely large and organized. Their actions indicate that they went out together with one intent: to attack, even murder, my clients and other Jews. Their motive was nationalistic, terror. They went out yelling ‘Itbah el Yahud,’ closed in on [their victims] in a field with no way of escape, hurled large rocks at them, launched fireworks directly at them, and continued the attack with full force, even after my clients tried to escape, and some of them had fallen on the ground injured.”

Yehiel Indor’s serious head injury; Photo credit: Free use

Regarding the seriously injured victim, Attorney Rom wrote, “The injury is serious, almost fatal. His life was in genuine danger and emergency operations were necessary to save his life.”

Attorney Rom asked that the Arab suspects be investigated for attempted murder: “[The severity of the injury] has not escaped the attention of the investigating unit whose officers have been constantly at my client’s side in the Intensive Care Unit, and who have certainly seen the documentation of the shocking injury that was shared on social media. I ask the investigating unit to investigate the suspects, at least for attempted murder.” Attorney Rom stated that his request is of the utmost importance because the Jewish suspects, who were very quickly detained, were interrogated on suspicion of murder, although it is obvious that the charges against them are extremely weak.

The letter continued: “I demand that the investigating unit arrest all of the rioters who were part of the murderous group that included dozens if not hundreds of attackers who together caused my client’s injury. Their attack was stopped at the last moment, before their acts resulted in the murder of several Jews at the scene,” Attorney Rom concluded.

On Friday, August 4, shortly before the onset of Shabbat, near Oz Tzion in the Binyamin region, dozens of Arab rioters attacked a Jewish shepherd and local Jewish residents who came to his assistance. The incident began when the Jewish shepherd left Oz Tzion to graze his flock in the area between Oz Tzion and the nearby Arab town of Burqa. Several Arabs approached and threatened him. The shepherd, who felt that he was in danger, summoned other Oz Tzion residents who came to stay with him and prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Dozens of Arabs armed with clubs, fireworks, and large rocks surrounded the Oz Tzion residents. The Arabs launched fireworks directly at the residents and hurled the rocks at them from point-blank range, endangering their lives. The residents called the army and civilian security forces for help. One resident was hit in the head with a rock and seriously injured. With his remaining strength, he opened fire with his legally-owned personal weapon to defend his life. Several other residents were slightly injured. According to media reports, one of the Arab rioters was killed.

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