Parents of detained minors request meeting with President Rivlin

Thursday, January 10, 2019, 8:17 Following a statement earlier this week by President of Israel Reuven Rivlin on the matter of the criticism voiced regarding the GSS and its operations (see below for quote), the parents of the minors detained by the GSS wrote a letter to President Rivlin requesting a meeting with him so that they could present to him what their children have been undergoing during interrogation. In their letter the parents explain that their children have no connection to the incident attributed to them and that they come from families loyal to the State of Israel and its institutions. The parents also leveled criticism at how the GSS is handling the case and stated that the investigators disregard solid evidence, and then continue to interrogate the minors by tortuous means.
“We, the parents of the children detained by the GSS, turn to you, from heart to heart. At this time our sons are undergoing harsh interrogations in which means that are supposed to be reserved for interrogating dangerous terrorists are being used.
“Neither we nor our sons are terrorists. We are all normal families loyal to the State, who educate our children to be loyal to the State and its institutions, to obey the law, to serve in the army, to volunteer and to be giving. Our dear sons are normative youths who learn at a yeshiva and in their free time have various hobbies, like all regular youths. We all oppose terror and violence in all of their forms, and we are happy for your support of the security systems that protect us.
“However we are suffering from severe harassment from the Jewish Department of the GSS, which has marked our children as guilty of acts to which they have absolutely no connection. The Jewish Department has disregarded the solid alibi that our children have, and in their investigation has not found any proof of their guilt. In the meantime serious emotional damage is liable to be caused to them. Simultaneously the Jewish Department is running a despicable PR campaign and distorting the truth about our children and the educational institution which they attend.”
The parents added that they are not satisfied with the way that the GSS is carrying out the investigation: “We feel that, unfortunately, there is no genuine desire to uncover the truth. Maintaining the rights of interrogatees, definitely of minors, is one of the foundations of democracy. We are certain that you share our opinion. Who will protect out children? Our voice has a right to be heard also!
“It is known to all that your door is always open, and that you always lend a sympathetic ear to all citizens of Israel. We would like very much to meet with you and to present to you our feelings,” concluded the parents.
During his speech at the swearing-in of judges which took place at the President’s Resident this week, President Rivlin stated that, “At this time the GSS is in the line of fire. There is no democracy without criticism. However we must refrain from irresponsible attacks on the people whose responsibility it is to protect the security of Israel from threats,” and added, “I know that the safety of Israel and its citizens is their only concern.”

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