Petition rejected, terrorist’s house to be demolished

Honenu Attorney Ophir Steiner; Photo credit Honenu

Monday, December 11, 2023, 15:52 With Supreme Court Justice Khaled Kabub opposing, the High Court of Justice rejected a petition from the family of the terrorist who murdered a father and his son, Shai Silas Nigrekar and Aviad Nir, Hy”d, in Hawara approximately four months ago. The petition asks the court to stop the demolition of the family’s house in the town of Aqraba. Approximately three weeks ago, the terrorist was apprehended after a long chase. In light of the rejection of the petition, the IDF is expected to demolish the terrorist’s house in the next few days.

Honenu Attorney Ophir Steiner, who is representing the Nigrekar family, stated, “Demolishing terrorists’ houses is an extremely significant deterrent. Therefore, the High Court of Justice did well to reject the petition objecting to the demolition of the terrorist’s house. We were disappointed to read the minority opinion of the Honorable Justice Kabub. Even at a time of war, despite the gravity and urgency of the hour, Justice Kabub did not shift from his fundamental position opposing the demolition of terrorists’ houses, in complete opposition to the position of the security authorities. The events of October 7 should resonate within the walls of the Supreme Court building.”

Approximately four months ago, Shai Silas and his son Aviad, Hy”d, were murdered by a terrorist when they took their car to a car wash in Hawara. The terrorist identified them as Jews and opened fire on them. During the hearings in the case, the State Attorney’s office demanded the complete and immediate demolition of the terrorist’s house. The terrorist’s family, represented by Attorney Leah Tsemel, petitioned the High Court of Justice to only seal the terrorist’s bedroom and partially demolish the house.

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