Police brutality at Shilo vineyard destruction

Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 10:34 By 8:00 today (Wednesday), Honenu’s headquarters had received reports of approximately 40 detainees at the destruction of a vineyard near Shilo. The detainees were bused to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station and released there. Honenu Attorney Nati Rom assisted the detainees.

Later in the morning, local residents attempting to prevent the destruction of the vineyard reported severely brutal treatment of the protesters by border policemen on the scene. One of the protesters was punched by a border policeman and kicked in the head many times. Some protesters were detained.

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom, who is representing the detainees, stated, “Police forces accompanied by Civil Administration inspectors brutally destroyed a 20-year-old vineyard near Shilo. The High Court of Justice based their decision on a ‘disruptive use of private land order.’ Such orders should not exist under a right-wing government. The policemen at the scene brutally treated local residents who protested the destruction. There are several detainees at the scene.”

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