Police detectives entice minor to reveal information about settlers , for pay

Sunday, May 29 18:09 During the morning hours police detectives from the Ariel police department arrested “A”, a minor and resident of the central region of Israel, at the Tapuah Junction. According to them the Ramleh Magistrate Court issued a habeas corpus against “A” after he did not present himself at a deliberation.
“A” was taken to the Ariel police station and there it became clear that he had sent the court proof of sickness and a request to postpone the deliberation, however the request arrived late to the court secretary. “A” was released after agreeing to place a bond of five hundred NIS to ensure that he would attend the deliberations.
When “A” turned to leave the police station, Shahar Daphna, an intelligence officer of the Ariel police detective unit, and an additional detective by the name Efi, turned to him. “Efi turned to me and told me that he’s sure that it will be difficult for me to obtain money,” said “A”. “He told me that if I help them solve a certain case and give them information on the hilltop youth, they would give me sums of money.”
“A” refused the offer, however the two continued to plead with him. After several attempts to convince him, “A” left the police station, turned to the legal headquarters of Honenu and reported the recruitment attempt.

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