Police violence and arrests in Ramat Migron

Saturday night, May 19, 22:34 Three youths were arrested shortly before Shabbat in Ramat Migron on suspicion that they violated a closed military zone order, Honenu reports.
Shortly before Shabbat large numbers of border policemen arrived in Ramat Migron in the Binyamin Region. Youth residing in the site and their guests for a Shabbat celebration in honor of the upcoming wedding of one of the residents were present at the time. Two court decisions (here and here) from recent weeks ruled that the closed military zone order is not applicable to Jews living at the site. Despite the court’s decision the police informed the people present that the site is under a closed military zone order and they must leave the site. Simultaneously the policemen began to attempt to arrest some of the youths. According to people on the scene during the arrests the police conducted themselves very violently with the youths and pulled their payot.
Some of the youths made a counter claim that they were residents of the site and therefore the order did not apply to them. According to them the police ignored them and tried to arrest anyone they could. In the end three youths were arrested, one of them a minor. The arrestees were taken to the detention center at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem where they stayed during Shabbat.
Honenu reports that tonight (Saturday) the three arrestees will be brought to a deliberation at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. The police intend to demand the remand of the adults until the end of proceedings and a restraining order on the minor banning him from the area.
To reiterate, last week late Wednesday night large forces of Civil Administration, border police and army arrived at Ramat Migron. They destroyed a house and arrested one of the people on the grounds that he had violated a closed military zone order. From there the forces continued to the closest outpost, Oz Tzion, and continued the destruction.
On Thursday the arrestee was brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court for a deliberation on the police demand to place a restraining order on him banning him from the site. Judge Hagit Mac-Kalmanovitch ruled that the youth was a resident of the site and therefore the closed military zone order did not apply to him.
On Friday the forces returned to the site and destroyed another house belonging to a couple getting married this week. Despite the destruction many guests arrived at Ramat Migron for Shabbat in order to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of the residents of the outpost. The groom has residing in the outpost since the day of its founding almost three years ago.

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