Policeman filmed threatening young woman

Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 9:23 A policeman was filmed threatening a young woman that he, “will break her head,” after she requested permission to pray near the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av (this year observed on August 14).
After the incident Honenu Attorney Menasheh Yado filed a complaint with the Police Investigation Unit (PIU) in which he demanded that a investigation be opened and the policeman prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
According to the complaint, during Tisha B’Av the young woman sat in front of the Gate of the Tribes, close to, but outside of the Temple Mount.
The policeman against whom the complaint was filed demanded that she leave the site, claiming that she was not allowed to be there, and threatened to “break her head,” if she didn’t leave the site.
The young woman, who felt that her safety was endangered, took out her camera and filmed him repeating the ugly threat. “Could you say that again?” the young woman is heard saying in the video clip. The policeman replied, “I will break your head. Get out of here.”
The policeman refused to identify himself by name, but did mention that he is “a Temple Mount policeman,” and recited his personal ID number.
“The action of the policeman against whom the complaint was filed constitutes, among other [violations], a threat in violation of article 192 of the penal code, which determines a three-year prison term for an act such as this,” wrote Yado to the PIU.
“[We demand] strict and decisive enforcement concerning the violation, being as restraining violent policemen is your responsibility.”
Yado added, “Unfortunately I am aware of the lack of motivation within the PIU to enforce criminal law against police brutality among patrol officers in the line of duty, and against the rising level of violence among policemen in the streets. There is an obvious connection between the two.
Honenu notes the ruling of the Jerusalem District Court which states that there is no prohibition against Jews praying near the gates to the Temple Mount. Therefore in addition to the threat by the policeman, the actual demand that the young woman leave the site had no legal cause.

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