Precedential ruling: Administrative order postponed

Yered (L), Honenu Atty. Keidar (R); Photo credit: Honenu

Thursday, March 21, 2024, 18:08 On behalf of right-wing activist Elisha Yered, Honenu appealed an administrative restraining order issued to him by Major-General Yehuda Fuchs, the GOC of the Central Command, two weeks ago. In a precedential decision, the Ofer Military Court of Appeals ordered a delay in implementing the order until after the Purim holiday (Saturday night-Sunday night, in most locations), and ruled that a hearing will be held on the appeal next week. The order bans Yered from entering Yehuda and Shomron for six months and was served to him only four days after he had returned to his home in the Binyamin region after a similar six-month order expired. Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar is representing Yered.

Regarding the previous order, Attorney Keidar filed a precedential appeal with the Jerusalem District Court. The court accepted the appeal and shortened its duration. The current appeal details the persecution of Yered by the security system led by Major-General Fuchs. Attorney Keidar emphasizes that in the new order against Yered, the same arguments for his being dangerous appear, word for word, which indicates that it has no grounds: “The appellee is not involved in any way with violent actions and there are no grounds justifying banning him from the area. The decision by the appellate committee regarding the previous order speaks for itself. The criticism voiced by the Supreme Court justices regarding the proceedings and the ruling handed down by the [Jerusalem] District Court should have caused the respondent to reconsider their steps extremely carefully. However, the respondent persisted and took draconian steps against the appellee, abusing his civil rights and those of his family. The fact that the wording used by the respondent with regard to the appellee is identical to the wording in the previous order is enough to indicate that there is no new information about any supposed current danger posed by the appellee to the security of the area, and therefore there is no justification for banning him from the area.”

Elisha Yered added, “We are in a critical battle for Yehuda and Shomron. The Palestinian Authority, with the support of foreign governments, and unfortunately also with the assistance of senior members of the security system such as Major-General Fuchs, are working toward founding a Palestinian state. The pioneers on hilltops and farms are the ones preventing the founding of a terror state, with their bodies, every day. I regret that instead of acting for the sake of his nation, Fuchs has sided with our enemies and is hunting down settlement pioneers, which facilitates the establishment of an enemy state in the heart of Israel. Whoever thinks that draconian orders will weaken our resolve to fight for the Land of Israel is highly mistaken. G-d willing, all Jewish communities in Yehuda and Shomron will be strengthened by this order, as will we.”

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