Protest, GSS detainees still not met with an attorney

Saturday, October 29, 2022, 21:39 Hundreds of demonstrators protested opposite the Russian Compound on Saturday night, after Shabbat. Their message was, “The country has gone crazy. An Arab seriously injured a Jew and was only interrogated by the police, but Jews are detained by the GSS on suspicion of acts of terror.” The demonstrators called for the detainees to be allowed to meet with an attorney. Among the speakers at the protest were Rabbi Ya’ir Frank, Rabbi Gadi Ben Zimra, and Yonatan Yosef. Clashes broke out with the police. On Friday, demonstrators protested outside of the Jerusalem District Court.

On Tuesday, late at night, the Central Unit of the Jerusalem Police and the GSS detained two Jewish men in their 20s, apparently on suspicion of assisting residents of the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood to defend their home as Arabs were attacking it several days previously. The police did not provide the residents with assistance. Since their detention, the detainees have been under interrogation by the GSS and have been prohibited from meeting with an attorney.

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