Protest opposite GSS facilities

Friday, January 3, 2020, 15:35 On the afternoon of Friday, January 3, approximately 20 people demonstrated opposite the GSS facilities at the Petah Tikva Police Station in protest of the order preventing detainees held by the GSS from meeting with an attorney. During the demonstration policemen detained four youths for a security check. The demonstrators sang and called out, “Let the detainees meet with an attorney.”
Earlier the same day the Petah Tikva Magistrates Court extended the remand of the most recent detainee until Monday. The Central District Court in Lod extended the remand of the minor until Sunday.
Honenu Attorney Amir Bracha, who represented the detainee, censured the prohibition preventing meeting with an attorney: “The State of Israel in 2020 is violating the fundamental rights of detainees. There is a suspicion of an attempt to carry out an undetermined misdemeanor, and even the police do not know what it is. As a society we must not accept a situation such as this. We will fight it in court.”

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