R. Eliyahu joins call to investigate brutal attack near Ariel

Sunday, June 26, 2022, 20:30 Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat, has joined the call to investigate the brutal attack on a group of children just outside of Ariel last Tuesday. Rabbi Eliyahu stated that the use of extreme measures to investigate the detainee is unacceptable and is an example of a double standard when compared to cases in which Jews were stabbed.

Rabbi Eliyahu explained that “Arabs rioted, they came with axes and metal bars and they attacked Jewish children near Ariel. There was one capable and serious man who took responsibility and defended the children during the incident in which an Arab was killed. This incident must be investigated. But how should it be investigated? By clarifying the truth, looking at the photographs and the videos? No. They took the Jew and tortured him to extract a confession from him. [In such a situation] anyone would admit to even Rabin’s murder. How is that [interrogation under duress/torture] appropriate?

“They are keeping him away from his attorney and using the most extreme means on a citizen [whose actions were] the most legitimate. Remember, last year the Arabs attacked Jews and murdered them in Acco and Lod, and they weren’t investigated like this. When Arabs attacked Jews in Acco and Lod and stabbed them with knives – and [the authorities] know who the stabbers were – they released them to house arrest and charged them with aggravated assault [not murder], even though they stabbed a man in the back with a knife. Using a double standard will erode all the trust that citizens have in the law enforcement system – the police, the GSS, the Attorney General, the judges.”

In conclusion, Rabbi Eliyahu demanded that the GSS and the police stop discriminating: “Take responsibility. You are not hurting one man. You are violating the foundations of civil society, the foundations of trust that are between us and the system. A double standard will not be tolerated. Harassing a citizen who defended children will not be tolerated. You have been warned.”

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