Rekhes HaGidonim resident to remain in remand

Thursday, January 29, 2015, 21:02 On Thursday, January 29 the Lod District Court rejected the appeal filed by Honenu on the remand extension of a Rekhes HaGidonim rapid response squad member suspected of injuring rioting Arabs during the January 3 incident near Itamar; see here and here for more information about the incident. He was detained on January 25 and his remand has been extended until February 1.
“The [Lod] District Court examined the investigatory evidence and I of course respect its decision, however I hope that the investigating unit will complete their work as quickly as possible, come to the correct conclusion and of their own volition demand the release of the detainee,” stated Honenu attorney Aharon Roza, who represented the detainee. Roza stressed that his client is suspected of involvement with an incident in which an IDF soldier was attacked by dozens of rioting Arabs and nearly lynched.
As of this time five Jews have been detained in the case, four of them rapid response squad members. Four detainees have been released and one remains in remand. The police admitted that during the incident Arabs attempted to lynch a soldier who was was left alone in a Hummer after other soldiers with him had distanced themselves from the vehicle. Many soldiers at the scene, among them officers, fired a very large number of warning shots into the air after they were attacked by the Arab mob. In light of the soldiers’ reaction to the rioting Arabs Honenu has stated that the “harassment of residents and security forces is a scandal.”

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