Remand extended again on soldier suspected of leaking information

Thursday, March 19, 2015, 16:58 On Thursday, March 19 the Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended by five additional days the remand of the IDF soldier from Bat Ayin in the Etzion Bloc region suspected of leaking military information to residents of the Etzion Bloc; he was detained on March 10 and his remand was extended for a second time on March 16. He is also suspected of leaking information relating to detentions carried out by the police in Bat Ayin. The soldier, a 25 year old father of two who serves in an intelligence position in the Etzion Territorial Brigade, has denied all charges while under interrogation.
Honenu reports that a journalist working for the “HaKol HaYehudi” news agency also was interrogated due to a suspicion that the soldier transferred information to him concerning incidents in which Arabs threw rocks at Jewish vehicles in the Binyamin region.
Honenu attorney David HaLevi, who is representing the soldier, stated that, “The soldier has denied all charges. The information that was gathered was presented to my client and he gave his response. I estimate that he will be released quickly. His continued remand is superfluous. We get the impression that the police are fumbling around in the dark in the hopes of successfully compiling a framework of evidence that crimes were committed – when none were.”

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