Salomon family’s murderer’s house not to be completely demolished

Thursday, March 22, 2018, 20:48 On Thursday, March 22, the High Court of Justice rejected the petition from the Salomon family which demanded that the house of the terrorist who murdered three members of their family be completely demolished. The terrorist’s family is allowed to build a second story onto their house.
Honenu Attorneys Chayim Bleicher and Menasheh Yado filed the petition. Bleicher responded to the verdict: “The ruling completely ignores reality and disregards responsibility for the security of the citizens of Israel. The justices wrote in their verdict that if it had been proven to them that complete demolition of the house would serve as a deterrent, then there would have been grounds to accept the petition, but they are not able to examine this evaluation. Every citizen understands the difference between a terrorist’s family who builds a palace over their old house and a terrorist’s family whose house is demolished, preventing return to it. There is no doubt that the rebuilding of a house by a terrorist’s family will be a symbol that terror is worth it. It is unfortunate that the justices are closing their eyes.”
Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, the director of Honenu strongly criticized the decision: “The Salomon family has been stabbed twice. The first time was by a despicable terrorist on a Shabbat eve. And the second time was today, by the decision of the High Court of Justice which strengthens the murderer and his family, who helped him and supported him and was also convicted of abetting him.”
In the petition the Salomon family demanded that the High Court of Justice order the IDF to completely demolish the terrorist’s house as a deterrent factor to prevent additional terror attacks.
Following a High Court deliberation on February 4 concerning the demolition, Elad Salomon’s, Hy”d, widow, Michal Salomon stated that, “At the conclusion of the deliberation I turned to the justices and told them that we are here for one reason – the need to create a deterrence factor in order to prevent the next terror attack. No-one has any idea what it’s really like being a being a bereaved family. There are entire lives involved here. There is great suffering. There are many decisions that we must make alone. And we are here so that this family, this family of bereavement, will cease to grow, so that no more new members will join. I sincerely hope that the court [justices] truly consider these matters, and that they understand that forsaking human life starts here, by preventing deterrents.”

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