Second administrative order served 5 days after first expired

Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 18:09 Five days after a six-month administrative order forbidding him to enter Yehuda and Shomron expired, Yosef Freisman, a Kedumim resident, received a second administrative order.
On Thursday, April 28, the first administrative order expired. Four days later Yosef Freisman and his friends celebrated his return to the Shomron. On the day after the party, as Freisman was walking towards the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, large numbers of police and ISA forces stopped him. Three coordinators from the Jewish Department of the ISA served him with a new six-month order, signed by the GOC of the Central Command, Major General Roni Numa. The coordinators mentioned to Freisman that they had followed with interest the party he had with his friends to celebrate the end of his administrative order.
Freisman tore the order into pieces in front of the ISA agents and the policemen, then continued on his way. “The Jewish Department of the ISA and the GOC constantly prove the saying by the Sages, ‘He who has mercy on the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the merciful’. They refuse to act decisively against Israel’s enemies, but anyone who works towards building the Land of Israel is classified by them as a potential recipient of an administrative order,” said Freisman in response to the order.
Honenu notes that there are still dozens of Jews under administrative orders forbidding them to enter Yehuda and Shomron. Also Meir Ettinger has been under administrative detention for over eight months without being brought to trial. All administrative orders are issued without bringing the recipient to trial.

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