Six Jewish youths detained on Temple Mount

Sunday, February 1, 2015, 18:35 The police announced that they would keep in remand the six Jewish youths, five of whom are minors, detained on the Temple Mount on the morning of Sunday, February 1. Honenu filed an urgent appeal with the court on their behalf.
The youths complained that the Waqf personnel assaulted and cursed them, and that the policemen on the Temple Mount decided to detain them because they demanded that their assailants be detained. The police reported that the youths were detained because they “disturbed public order and did not obey the policemen’s orders.”
Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz arrived at the police station and briefed the detained youths, who were interrogated. The police announced their intent to keep the youths in remand overnight. In response Honenu attorney Adi Kedar filed an urgent appeal with the court demanding the immediate release of the youths.
Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz responded to the detentions: “The same police who reveal helplessness in the face of rioting Arabs who assault Jews on the Temple Mount have decided to be strict with and keep in remand Jewish youth who were assaulted by rioters. I call on the police to immediately release the youths and instead detain the rioters rampaging on the Temple Mount.”

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