Six out of seven Migron detainees released

Monday, September 5 9:35 Six out of the seven detainees arrested last night in conflicts in Migron have been released. The detainees were taken to the Yehuda and Shomron police headquarters near Ma’aleh Adumim where they were interrogated and released on condition of being banned from entering Migron for two weeks. One of the women arrested will remain in remand and apparently be brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. An attorney from Honenu will represent her in court.
Due to the destruction of the houses in Migron last night and in anticipation of protests throughout Israel, Honenu increased operation of the organization’s legal headquarters.
The phone number at the legal headquarters is 15-99-30-40-20 and operates 24 hours a day. The staff calls on anyone who is arrested or interrogated for activism for the sake of settling the Land of Israel, maintaining the Jewish character of Israel or involvement with security issues, to turn to Honenu and receive legal assistance.

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