Solder unconditionally released – “They wouldn’t tell me what the charges were”

Thursday, December 8, 14:39 One of the soldiers who was arrested by the Central Police Unit of the Military Criminal Investigation Division (MCID) on suspicion of involvement with a “price tag” incident was unconditionally released even before a deliberation took place on his case. During the two days of his remand he was not told what the charges against him were.

The soldier is a resident of Elon Moreh who served as a combat soldier in the hesder program in the Kfir Brigade and completed his active duty approximately two months ago. He got married several weeks ago and resides in the community of Elon Moreh.

Honenu attorney, Aharon Roza, who is representing the soldiers said in response that, “The unconditional release of the soldier proves that, despite the earlier publicity, there is no connection between the soldier and the charges of committing a crime.”

Honenu reports that, “We encounter again and again cases in which suspects are arrested without any evidence implicating them, however it seems that the IDF has outdone itself and not only did not take the trouble to present evidence implicating the arrested soldiers, but even did not take the trouble to state its charges.”

Sources close to the soldier reported that, “The IDF has set as a goal the defamation of religious soldiers and settlers and it appears that whomever is perceived by the army as an extremist, is arrested even when there is no evidence implicating him.”

The remand of the other soldier, a resident of Adei Ad, has been extended until Sunday. The soldier is suspected of participating in a gathering of Shiloh Bloc residents at the time of a suspected attempt evacuate the Gal Yosef hilltop near Adei Ad, where the soldier resides.

According to MCID the soldier participated in the gathering with the intent to prevent the evacuation of the outpost by the IDF.

Honenu reiterates that approximately one month ago a soldier residing in the Shomron region was arrested by the Central Police Unit of the MCID on suspicion of participating in a “price tag” incident. Also in this case the soldier was in remand for 48 hours and investigators refused to tell him what the charges against him were. After 48 hours the soldier was unconditionally released.

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