Soldier kept in remand despite solid alibi

Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 20:30 An IDF soldier detained on suspicion of spray painting “Price Tag” graffiti in an induction center spent 36 hours in remand despite having a solid alibi. At the time the graffiti was spray painted the soldier was in remand at the Keleh Sheish prison.
The soldier, a resident of the Shomron community Yizhar, was detained at the beginning of this week on suspicion of involvement with spray painting “Price Tag” graffiti at an induction center.
Approximately one month ago the youth reported to an induction center and asked to be inducted into the IDF, however after it turned out that he should have reported there several months previously, he was sentenced to 20 days in military prison. He served his time in the Keleh Sheish prison in Carmel.
Shortly after his release from prison, the youth reported to the induction center and began the enlistment process. However on Monday, September 1 as he was sitting in the induction center several policemen from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IDF approached and detained him.
“Already in the police car they told him that they suspected him of spray painting “Price Tag” graffiti in the induction center about the Druze. He denied any connection to it,” said friends of the soldier.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the soldier, verified the date of the incident with which he is suspected of being involved and discovered that the incident occurred on the Tel HaShomer base during the time he was being held in the Keleh Sheish prison. Despite the solid alibi, which could have been quickly verified, the CID investigators insisted on keeping the soldier in remand for 36 hours.
“Did the investigators think that he dug a tunnel from the prison in the north, spray painted graffiti in Tel HaShomer and then returned to the prison?” wonder the staff of Honenu, which is assisting the soldier with legal counsel. “This is scandalous conduct, and it is obvious to us that his remand stems from one reason only and that is his residence in a community in the Shomron, and the fact that he wears a large kippah.”
When the investigators understood that because of the soldier’s alibi the court would not extend his remand, he was released on Tuesday, September 2, before the 48 hours during which the CID investigators could hold him in remand without bringing him before a judge had passed.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the soldier, said in response to the detention, “The conduct of the CID investigators is serious. Despite being presented with a clear and solid alibi they chose to keep the soldier in remand. Conduct such as this causes damage to the trust soldiers have in the military system, which is regrettable.”

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