Soldier released due to failings in disciplinary proceedings

Monday, January 30, 2017, 13:26 A soldier was accused of distributing and posting fliers in support of Elor Azariya throughout the Tel HaShomer base. The text on the fliers was: “The IDF is abandoning its soldiers. We are not! Until they release Elor Azariya no-one enlists!” He denied all charges, but nonetheless was sentenced to 20 days in a military prison.
After six days Honenu Attorney Menachem Stauber, who is representing the soldier, received documents detailing the disciplinary proceedings and discovered significant failings. Among other problems illegal searches were conducted on the soldier’s body and possessions. Fliers were found in his backpack, and relying only on the findings of the search, not on a witness who saw the soldier distributing fliers, he was sentenced to military prison. Additionally an appeal filed by the soldier was not judged within the time limit determined by law, which completely cancels the legal proceedings.
Stauber wrote an urgent letter to the Military Advocate General in which he pointed out the above-mentioned failings and others, and demanded that the soldier be immediately released. Several hours later the soldier was released after spending seven days in prison.
Honenu Attorney Menachem Stauber: “I am pleased that the Military Advocate General accepted our claims that there were failings obligating the cancellation of the disciplinary proceedings and ordered the immediate release of the soldier.”

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