Solidarity March in support of the Ariel detainee

For links to additional items about the brutal attack and Honenu’s representation of the heroic Ariel detainee, please click here.

Thursday, June 30, 2022, 19:13 Tomorrow (Friday), hundreds of people, among them members of Knesset and other public figures, are expected to participate in a solidarity march in support of the Ariel detainee, the hero who saved the lives of a group of children brutally attacked by a rioting Arab mob just outside of Ariel last week. The organizers of the event announced that it will take place as planned, despite the refusal by the IDF for authorization. At 10:30, under the banner, “We won’t be stopped – We will continue hiking in the Land of Israel,” the solidarity march will set out from the Ariel Police Station and proceed to the site of the brutal attack.

The organizers are “shocked by the fact that the IDF is preventing hundreds of marchers from continuing to hike and to go several meters outside of Ariel’s fence. Prohibiting the marchers from leaving Ariel is a direct continuation of the remand of the hero who saved the children from a brutal attack. It is a great disgrace that the Arabs who rioted are still walking around freely. We will march.” They are also calling for members of Knesset from the national-religious sector to join the solidarity march and the call to release the Ariel detainee who heroically saved the children.

Announcements for the solidarity march read: “Last week, a matter of meters from Ariel’s fence, dozens of Arabs attacked a group of children and attempted to murder them. The goal of the rioting Arabs was to intimidate us, the Jews, and drive us away from open areas and into fenced-off communities. Instead of detaining the rioters, the GSS decided to detain the heroic Jew who saved the lives of the children. We will march with confidence, with courage, and with our heads held high. We will call for the release of the hero who saved the children’s lives.”

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