State Attorney hasn’t given up: “How could you release the shooter of the terrorist?!

Friday, June 17 11:35 Yesterday (Thursday) the Jerusalem Magistrate Court released “M”, the Alon Shevut resident who shot at two Arabs who attacked him near the village of Arak Burin. Judge Shalev-Gertel agreed with the opinion of attorney Ariel Atari, who was hired by Honenu, and released “M” to house arrest until Sunday.
The conditional release was carried out in agreement with the police representative after the judge examined the investigatory material, viewed the video clip documenting the incident and clarified her intent to release “M”.
This morning police representatives filed a request for a reconsideration in order to tighten the conditions of “M”’s release. In the request the police demanded that the conditions be tightened in accordance with the demands of the State Attorney. The police claimed that the State Attorney in the central district reasons that the conditions under which “M” was released are too lenient. However according to the law in order to file a request for reconsideration of the case, new evidence must be brought or the development of the investigation warrants a reconsideration.
In a deliberation that took place this morning at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Shalev-Gertel accepted the plea of attorney Ariel Atari that there is no justification for a reconsideration because the desire of the State Attorney to tighten conditions for release is not a new circumstance just as the desire of a arrested suspect to be released is not a new circumstance…
The judge completely rejected the police request and sent the police home to prepare for Shabbat, without changing the conditions of the release.
Attorney Ariel Atari, who was hired by Honenu to represent “M”, said in response to the deliberation that, “The police are trying to abuse an innocent young man. The court served justice when it rejected the difficult to understand request filed by the police and refused to tighten the conditions of release.”

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