State of Israel marks 63rd Independence Day – three youths detained on suspicion of being in Shevut Ami outpost

Tuesday, May 10 18:21 As the State of Israel marked her 63rd Independence Day IDF soldiers and border police arrived at the Shevut Ami outpost and detained three youths.
The three were interrogated on suspicion of being in a closed military zone. The police announced that they would remain in remand for the night and the following day be brought to the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court for a deliberation. A Honenu attorney will represent the three detainees.
Authorities in the Shomron criticized the conduct of the IDF, which simultaneously hosted an Independence Day event at the Shomron Division base and sent soldiers to clear out outposts and detain residents. Additionally, the authorities claim that recently the Shomron Division Commander issued orders to not allow any new communities and therefore recently several times the Shevut Ami outpost was cleared out, after a long period of time without evacuations.

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