State to represent policeman in brutality case

Monday, June 25, 2018, 11:25 The Jerusalem District Attorney’s office informed the Jerusalem District Court that they will represent and back Amir Marei, a policeman from the Binyamin Police Department who has been documented assaulting civilians while fulfilling his duties. In the statement of defense filed with the court in reply to the civil suit filed against the policeman by Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado, mention is made that the State of Israel will represent Marei in the suit, despite the fact that several complaints about him by civilians have been found justified.
In the statement of claim Yado filed, nine plaintiffs injured in three separate incidents are suing Marei, who was filmed carrying out a violent detention, illegal detentions and illegal vehicular searches. He also looked into the underwear of a minor during a body search. Following the incidents Honenu also filed complaints with the Police Investigation Unit, which replied that disciplinary proceedings would be started against the policeman. In the statement of defense filed by the policeman in response it was revealed that the police officer in charge of public complaints had recommended that the policeman be fired in light of complaints filed against him. During the dismissal proceedings Marei resigned of his own accord.
Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado stated that, “The decision by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s office to represent the policeman Amir Marei constitutes an indication that there is going to be coverage for any compensation awarded in the case.
“This decision is completely unreasonable. It is neither clear nor understandable why the Israeli Police and why the State of Israel have decided to grant legal representation and support to a policeman who systematically and brazenly trampled the rights of adults and minors.”
Yado explained what the ramifications of the situation are: “Giving support to the policeman during legal proceedings indicates that the State intends to give him financial support as well, in the event that he will be required to compensate the plaintiffs. This is a policeman who conducted himself in an unbelievable manner, to the point where the police immediately stopped his activity when they received our complaints, and in the end recommended his dismissal from the police.
“It is not clear why it was decided to give legal representation and financial backing at public expense particularly to such an individual. I think, as do the police, that such a person did not act as a representative of the police, but rather acted in a manner which sharply deviated from the goals of the police, and the goals of society. He himself should bear the price of the damages which he caused. It is inexplicable why the State of Israel needs to do it for him,” added Yado.
Marei is being is being sued by nine plaintiffs who were injured in three separate incidents. The first incident involved a couple who were detained for an illegal search during which the husband was unnecessarily treated violently. In the second, two couples were illegally detained and Marei conducted a lengthy search of their personal belongings and equipment. In the third incident Marie detained two minors and an adult for a search, during which he looked into the underwear of one of the minors.

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