Still in pursuit of the Glock – Early morning police raid on Yitzhar, Elon Moreh and Itamar

Thursday, March 31 9:10 The pursuit of the Judea and Samaria district police under the authority of investigators from the Central Unit of the Judea and Samaria Police for the Glock pistol continues in full force.
Approximately one and a half months ago a Jew was attacked by two Arabs near Har Bracha in Samaria. After he was left with no choice, the attacked Jew shot and killed one of of the Arab attackers. The police and the IDF admitted that it was a case of self defense, however the police are searching for the shooter as if he was a dangerous murderer.
Today (Thursday) at approximately 4:30 in the morning large numbers of police raided the communities of Itamar, Elon Moreh and Yitzhar in search of suspects in the killing of the Arab attacker.
In the community of Yitzhar the police raided three houses on the hilltops Lehava and Meged Shamayim. The police surrounded the houses and demanded that the heads of household show their ID cards. After checking the last names of the family the police reported that they had the wrong address.
After that the police went up to the community of Yitzhar itself and arrested one of the members of the Rapid Response Squad at his home. It has not yet been determined if the raid on the other houses was a case of harassment or negligence. The residents are voicing objection to the waking of families with children in the early hours of the morning, who have no connection to the detainee or to the search for him.
Simultaneously police forces arrived in Elon Moreh and arrested a resident of the community who has a Glock pistol in his possession.
In Itamar the police came to the home of Rav Avichai Rontzki and searched for his son, an officer in an elite unit, who has a Glock pistol in his possession. After the family refused to open the door, it was agreed that the son would later come in for investigation.
Currently the two detainees are being investigated on suspicion of killing the Arab attacker.
Three weeks ago three residents of Gav HaHar communities were arrested on the same suspicion. Also in the previous incident the police raided houses in the early morning hours.
It is important to stress that also according to the police, if the shooter is found, there is no reason to arrest him being as this is a case of self defense according to all opinions.
After the incident the captain of the territorial brigade of Samaria turned to the heads of security of the nearby communities and implored them to see that the shooter turn himself in to the police.
Apparently the shooter chose, and with good reason, to not inform the police of the incident, and it is likely that the reason is because of the arbitrary handling by the police and the legal system of incidents such as this, in which quite frequently Jews who are attacked are arrested and sometimes even spend long periods of time behind bars. The shooter apparently expected to hear of the arrest and imprisonment of the second attacker, who according to the police endangered his life. After he saw that the attacker was not arrested he probably understood that what genuinely interests the Israeli police is to prosecute the attacked and not the attacker.

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