The detainees from Givat Ronen: seven released, three will remain in remand

Wednesday, March 30 16:09 The deliberations on the detainees arrested last night at Givat Ronen ended at the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court.
Seven of the detainees were released on condition of a restraining order barring them for 48 hours from the community of Har Bracha, and the remand of the other three detainees was extended by 48 hours.
The police requested that the seven be distanced from Samaria for 15 days.
During the deliberation it became apparent that the police claim that “O”, for whom the police detectives came to arrest, summoned the rest of the residents of the hilltop by singing and therefore is suspected of participating in an incident that developed later…
The police claim that the three of the detainees were identified by policemen as people who threw rocks at a patrol vehicle or assaulted policemen.
Several female residents of the hilltop claim that the police threw shock grenades at them and that after two of the detainees came to them the police attacked them without cause. The third detainee was arrested at the beginning of the incident after, according to the police, he yelled at a policeman. During the arrest the detainee was attacked by a policeman and injured in the eye.
During the inquiry it was claimed that he attacked the policeman.
At the deliberation the police admitted that the detainee was injured. Honenu attorney Aharon Rozeh, who will represent the detainees, wondered how the policeman’s elbow reached the detainee’s eye.
Judge Devora Atar released seven of the detainees, but left three in remand.
Honenu attorney Aharon Rozeh will represent all of the detainees in deliberations.

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