Susya resident released from court – acted in self defense

Tuesday, May 31 17:26 “A”, the Susya resident arrested yesterday as he was herding his flock near Havat Har Sinai, was released from court.
The police claimed that “A” hit an Arab woman and entered a closed military zone. However the video recorded by a Susya resident proves that “A” was attacked by the Arab woman and acted in self defense. “A” claims that he was not aware that the area is classified a closed military zone, but the IDF officer claimed that “A” knew of the order and therefore ordered his arrest.
The police requested that the court issue a restraining order barring “A” from entering the Har Hevron area for half a year, however the court denied the request and ordered his release on condition that he not enter the closed military zone.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar represented “A”.
Residents of Susya say that the area is classified disputed land and the shepherds of Susya have been grazing their flocks there for many years. According to the Susya residents, the Hevron brigade commander Guy Hazut is searching for an easy solution and finds one in classifying the area a closed military zone for Israelis, instead of dealing with the Arabs who are taking over tracts of land in the region.
The residents note that the Rujum neighborhood of Susya, in which more than ten families reside, is included in the military order, which shows how the brigade commander relates to the Jewish residents in the area under his command.

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