Temple Mount detainees held overnight, awaiting deliberation

Thursday, December 29, 2016, 10:26 Two Jews detained on the morning of Wednesday, December 28 on the Temple Mount were held in remand overnight and will brought to a deliberation at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Thursday morning. Honenu Attorney Ze’ev Wolf will represent them.
On Wednesday afternoon Honenu filed an urgent appeal on the decision by the police to leave the detainees in remand overnight. Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Shaul Gabai Richter accepted the opinion of the police and rejected the appeal.
The police stated that one of the detainees prostrated himself in prayer during a visit on the Temple Mount. In response a member of the Muslim Waqf personnel kicked him in the stomach and shouted, “This site is ours.” The Waqf member was also detained following the assault. According to the police at the scene a disturbance broke out, during which the other detainee hit Waqf members and assaulted a policeman.

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