Ten days later – the police “remembered” to arrest Alei Ayin resident whose house had been destroyed

Tuesday, June 14 16:25 “A”, an Alei Ayin resident whose house was destroyed approximately a week and a half ago, was arrested on Sunday by Binyamin police detectives.
“A” was investigated on suspicion of throwing rocks at policemen during the destruction of his house. Yesterday (Monday) the police requested a five-day extension of his remand. Yossi Ben-Arush, a Binyamin police investigator, claimed in court that the police have a blurred photograph, photographed from inside a police car, in which a man is seen fleeing with policemen chasing him after he threw rocks at the policemen. According to Ben-Arush, the Binyamin police commander who removed “A” from his house recognized him as the man in the photograph.
Adi Kedar, the Honenu attorney who represented “A”, discovered, to his surprise, during the deliberation that the commander filed testimony on the matter only on Sunday, ten days after the incident. Additionally it became clear that the photograph is blurry and that it is impossible to identify the man appearing in the photograph. The police also canceled the line-up that was supposed to be held, apparently due to the concern that “A” would not be recognized as the one who threw the rocks.
Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Rachel Shalev-Gertel offered Honenu attorney Kedar an agreement by which “A”’s remand would be increased by one day or she would be forced to read all of the material in the investigatory file, which would likely result in her deciding to extend the remand by additional day. Attorney Kedar reiterated that there is no basis for the continued remand of “A”.
The judge read all of the investigatory material and decided to immediately release “A”. According to her, the fact that the police arrested “A” ten days after the incident, and moreover the police representative formally acknowledged that the commanding officer of the police station is acquainted with “A”, indicates that “A” does not pose a danger. Concerning the investigative actions that the police requested, the judge ruled that some of them are not related to the case and not even one of them warrants the continued remand of “A”.
In the end the judge released “A” on condition of a 2,000 NIS bond and appearing at deliberations.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar represented “A” in the deliberation.

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