Terrorist infiltrates Jewish community in Binyamin region

Thursday, April 7, 2022, 13:13 On Thursday, April 7, an Arab terrorist from PA-controlled territory infiltrated Ramat Migron, an outpost in the Binyamin region, and attacked residents of the community. One resident suffered minor injuries (bruises).

When the terrorist came close to a house in which a woman and children were present, one of the residents of the outpost noticed the suspicious figure and approached him. The terrorist jumped on the resident, choked him, and beat him. Another resident who arrived on the scene succeeded in freeing him from the terrorist’s hold. Together they overcame the terrorist and kept him under control until the security forces arrived. The terrorist was detained, and the residents filed a complaint about the attack at the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station.

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher: “This incident could have easily ended with a terror attack on the woman and children who are at home on Passover vacation. At this time, when every Jew has become a target for a terror attack, the IDF and the law enforcement authorities must provide residents of Yehuda and Shomron with security. I call for the terrorist to be prosecuted and penalized to the full extent of the law.”

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