The Kfar Duma case: The reenactment – Where is the missing recording?

The Kfar Duma case – Unanswered questions

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The reenactment – Where is the missing recording?

In a video of the reenactment of the torching that was leaked to social media, Chief Superintendent Erez Amouyal, the head of the police investigating team in the Duma case, is seen trying to get Amiram Ben Uliel to talk as they ride in a police jeep to Kfar Duma,. Sitting next to Ben Uliel, who is barely capable of cooperating, is “Miguel”, the GSS investigator who was in charge of the “necessary investigations” (interrogations in which intensive pressure is applied) during the interrogation of Ben Uliel, whose sessions amounted to torture. Miguel comes to the assistance of Amouyal and gives Ben Uliel a reminder to help him speak: “What we talked about”. Then suddenly, at 1:32 (the reenactment was conducted at night) Amouyal announces that he is stopping the recording, according to him until they reach the entrance to Kfar Duma.

The recording resumes after 18 (!) minutes have elapsed, at 1:50. Then, Ben Uliel acts completely differently. He cooperates with the investigators and accepts the “help” – illegal prompts – that they give him so that he will understand what he needs to do the for the reenactment. What did they tell Ben Uliel, and what did they do to him during those 18 “lost” minutes?

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