“There has been more than one terror attack in Hadera”

Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 9:05 On Tuesday, March 29, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher called on the police to thoroughly and seriously investigate a stabbing attack that occurred in Hadera approximately one month previously. Bleicher, who is representing the victim and assisting him with realizing his rights as a victim of terror, said that he had written to the police several times, but they had ignored him every time and were not investigating the attack with due seriousness.

Bleicher: “We have been chasing after the police, and there is nobody to talk to. They are completely ignoring us. A Jew was brutally stabbed, seriously injured, and during the attack the assailants shouted racial slurs. The victim filed a formal, detailed complaint, and since then – silence. To our shock, the only time he was summoned to the police station was for an interrogation under warning. The serious attack this week was not the only one that has been carried out in the city. The police must change their way of thinking. This is not the way to defeat terror. Terror is not deterred by the willful powerlessness of the police.

“Unfortunately, the desire to injure Jewish Israeli citizens is common to many terror and Islamist organizations. Attacks are carried out by a wide range of terror groups, from members of ISIS to Islamist terror activists living in mixed neighborhoods in large Israeli cities. All of them constantly look for opportunities to attack Jews in any possible way. Every instance of terror against Jews in the State of Israel must be fought.”

In the incident to which Bleicher is referring, a Jewish youth was attacked while cycling in Hadera. At an intersection, he noticed two youths dressed in black clothing cycling in the opposite lane. They burst onto the street at a red light and cycled directly towards him. The youth managed to evade them and tried to continue his ride. But to his horror he noticed that they had made a U-turn and were quickly following him. They caught up to him, cursed him with racial slurs in Hebrew and Arabic, and also explicitly threatened him with murder: “I will murder you, Yahud (Jew).”

The youth continued to flee, and one of the Arab assailants continued to chase him, and then intentionally collided with him with great force. From the force of the collision, the youth was knocked off of his bicycle, which was thrown a great distance, and crashed onto the ground. Then the assailant came up to him while he was helplessly sprawled on the ground, took out a knife and brutally stabbed him in the back several times. When the other Arab assailant caught up to them, he threw a large rock, which hit the youth in the back. The youth suffered two puncture wounds to his lungs from the stabbing, and he still suffers from severe pain, disruptive sleep, and difficulty walking.

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