Three detainees suspected of assaulting Arab released

Friday, December 7, 9:54 This morning two adults and one minor detained on suspicion of assaulting an Arab in Jerusalem were released, Honenu reports.
In Jerusalem approximately one month ago, on the day of the annual memorial for the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, a clash is suspected to have developed between several youths who had participated in the event and Arabs who were in the area. One of the Arabs filed a complaint on assault with the police, who subsequently investigated the incident. At the beginning of this week two adults were detained on suspicion of involvement with the clash. Despite their denial of any involvement with the incident their remand was extended until this morning. Yesterday the two were placed in a police line-up, but were not identified as the assailants by the Arab who had filed the complaint.
Yesterday evening an additional suspect was detained, a minor residing in Jerusalem. After he was interrogated during the night the police decided to unconditionally release all three of the detainees this morning at the police station with no additional deliberation.
Honenu, which represented the detainees, states that, “Once again the police are harassing Jewish detainees without sufficient basis for their conduct. The police could have ended the investigation much sooner and chose not to do so.”

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