Three Hevron residents arrested after entering the tomb of Otniel ben Kenaz

Wednesday, August 10 8:57 Yesterday (Tuesday) IDF soldiers arrested three Hevron residents after tens of residents entered the tomb of Otniel ben Kenaz in the city.
The incident developed after the brigade commander of Hevron violated a long-standing custom which takes place every year on the afternoon of the 9th of Av, on which the residents of Hevron go up to the tomb of Otniel ben Kenaz, in Area A of Hevron.
This year Guy Hazut, the brigade commander of Hevron, refused to allow the event to take place. In response tens of residents set out in the direction of the tomb. At least ten residents succeeded in reaching the tomb and prayed at the site, however IDF soldiers chased them and arrested three youths.
During the night the three were released at the Hevron police station after interrogation.

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