Three terrorist-chasing detainees released to house arrest

Monday, October 19, 2015, 12:44 On Monday, October 19, Petah Tikva Magistrate Court Judge Erez Nurieli ruled that although there has been no development in the investigation and there is no further interrogation that can be carried out, the three adult Shomron residents detained on October 14 while chasing a terrorist who threw rocks at a

Rock thrown by terrorist barely missed window, Photo credit: Honenu

Rock thrown by terrorist barely missed window,
Photo credit: Honenu

car near Yitzhar, will be released to three days of house arrest. The police had demanded that they be placed under four days of house arrest in order to allow time to consider filing an indictment against them. A detained minor who was already released to house arrest in a deliberation on October 15, will be under house arrest at night for three days.
Honenu attorney Aharon Roza, who is representing the detainees, had pleaded that there is no cause to place them under house arrest. In response to the ruling Roza stated that, “If the incident had occurred in Petah Tikva or Ra’anana they would have received recognition at the President’s Residence. I regret the discriminatory treatment of a citizen who fulfills his duty and attempts to apprehend a terrorist. In the area of Yitzhar he finds himself in remand, whereas in other areas he merits praise and acclaim.”
Additionally Roza stressed that, “The genuine and correct portrayal of the events, unequivocally shows that the detainees pursued the terrorist immediately after he carried out the act of terror.”
The three adults and one minor were detained on October 14, while chasing a terrorist. Police forces detained them on suspicion of conspiring to commit a crime, obstructing a policeman in the line of duty, and resisting detention. Initially the police attempted to link them to an incident which occurred after they were detained when Yitzhar residents continued to arrive at the olive grove from which the terrorist had fled and a clash developed. A British anarchist and an Arab were injured in the clash. At a deliberation on October 15 the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court partially accepted the plea by Honenu attorney Aharon Roza, who is representing the detainees, and ruled that there is no

Participants at the "meleva malka", Photo credit: “Forum Arevut Yehudit”

“Meleva malka” participants, Photo credit:
“Forum Arevut Yehudit”

evidence linking them to the incident.
On the evening of Saturday, October 17, approximately 200 people from all over Israel attended a post-Shabbat “meleva malka” event opposite the Hadarim Detention Center in Even Yehuda in support of the detainees, and called for their release. The father of one of the detainees stated that his son and the rest of the detainees deserve a medal, not a remand sentence.

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