Two men arrested on suspicion of attacking Arabs in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem released to house arrest

Wednesday, April 27 20:29 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court released the two young men arrested on suspicion of attacking Arabs in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem to house arrest this afternoon (Wednesday).
The incident occurred during the night immediately after the last day of Passover. At 1:00 at night three young Arab residents of the Ras el Amud neighborhood drove around the Beit Yisrael neighborhood. The Arabs rummaged through garbage cans, collecting aluminum and other metals.
In the area of the Nechama Bakery a large group of Jews surrounded their vehicle and smashed the windshields with rocks, lightly injuring the three Arabs.
Approximately 40 minutes later the two men were arrested in a different area of the neighborhood on suspicion that they had participated in the attack on the Arabs. The two denied the claim and gave a detailed account of their actions at the time of the incident.
Yesterday the police requested a three-day extension of the remand for the two. Honenu attorney David HaLevi represented the two in the deliberation and the court extended the remand by one day.
This morning a police line-up took place at the Russian Compound police station in the presence of a Honenu representative.
After the line-up the police requested that the court extend the remand by an additional three days, however Honenu attorney David HaLevi who represented the two claimed that the evidence was insufficient to continue the remand.
Judge Barclay accepted HaLevi’s claim and released the two to house arrest for the duration of four days after he ruled that the results of the line-up did not add significant value to the identification of the suspects as the attackers of the Arabs and that at this stage there is no reason to continue to keep them in remand.

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