Two men detained by GSS, their whereabouts initially unknown, and denied a meeting with an attorney

Sunday, May 11, 16:22 On Sunday, May 11 two Jewish men were detained in their homes by the GSS on suspicion of involvement with a nationalistically motivated act and are being preventing from meeting with an attorney. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the detainees stated that, “Extreme and disproportionate measures are once again being used on detainees.”
The two men were detained on the morning of Sunday, May 11 after searches were carried out in their homes. One of the detainees lives in a Binyamin region community and the other in a town in the coastal plain region. The latter is under house arrest, under surveillance and wears an electronic handcuff as a result of involvement with a different case.
Initially neither the families of the detainees nor their attorney were informed of where they were taken and with what they were charged. After several hours the detainees were located in the GSS facility in Petah Tikva and Honenu attorney Adi Kedar requested a meeting with them. The investigators refused to allow the detainees to meet with Kedar, stating that there is an official order banning them from meeting with an attorney. This type of order is most unusual and in the past when the police or politicians requested use of such an order, and additional administrative orders, against detainees suspected of organized crime and dealings in the criminal underworld, the request was denied by the Attorney General and others in the Justice Ministry on the grounds that the orders were disproportional and severely harmed the rights of the detainees.
Honenu attorney Kedar stated that, “Again we are witness to disproportionate and extreme use of one-sided procedures which are currently being used only against certain sectors and only for the purpose of quieting public opinion. We are absolutely certain that after a short time the detainees will be released and yet another case will come to an end with no conviction. We are currently filing an appeal with the court on the ban of meeting with an attorney.”

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