Unbelievable – The police conduct themselves like the mafia

Monday, July 4 19:12 Eight demonstrators were arrested yesterday (Sunday) during protests against the arrest of HaRav Ya’akov Yosef.
Three of the detainees were released at the police station and five others, including two minors, remained in remand overnight.
This morning the police brought the five detainees to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court for deliberation and requested their release to house arrest for several days and a restraining order barring them from Jerusalem for 60 days.
The first deliberation took place on the adults and Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger, who represented the detainees, agreed with the police investigators that immediately afterwards a deliberation would take place on the minors.
Judge Gad Erenberg refused the request of the police concerning the three adults and released them on bail only.
To the surprise of attorney Wertzberger, immediately after the deliberation the juvenile investigator from the Merchav Tzion police disappeared. The two minors did not arrive at court and the investigator did not answer calls for a long while. After approximately an hour the investigator suddenly called attorney Wertzberger and told him that he went to consult with the claims department because he intended to file a statement of prosecution and request an extension of the remand for the minors.
Simultaneously the families of the minors called Honenu’s headquarters and reported that the police investigators asked them to come to the police station in order to sign a guarantee for the detainees who would be released to house arrest and given a restraining order barring them from Jerusalem.
Attorney Wertzberger told the parents that apparently there is an error and called the investigator who told him that he was not aware of it and that he intends to request an extension on the remand of the youths.
However attorney Wertzberger was astounded to discover that one of the minors was suddenly released from the police station. The minor explained that the investigator told him to sign that he would be under house arrest and barred from Jerusalem for 14 days. When asked by attorney Wertzberger why he hadn’t requested to consult with an attorney the minor responded that the investigators told him that, “He could not speak with an attorney and that was all right because the attorney knew that he was being released.”
Attorney Wertzberger furiously called the investigator, who told him that he had released the youth. Attorney Wertzberger informed the investigator that he intended to file an appeal on the conditions on which the youth had signed and also an urgent appeal on the continued remand of the second minor. The investigator responded that the police intend to request an extension on the remand of the second minor. After a discussion with the investigator, attorney Wertzberger informed the family of the second minor that they should refuse to sign on the release conditions of their son being as it is an exercise by which the police are attempting to bypass the court.
Attorney Wertzberger filed an urgent appeal to the magistrate court but again the family of the arrested minor called and informed him that the police investigators called them again and suggested that they sign on the lighter release conditions according to which the youth would remain for four days under house arrest, either at home or at yeshiva. The family refused.
But what a surprise, a few minutes after the deliberation on the urgent appeal had been scheduled, the police investigators called the family of the youth and informed them that they intend to unconditionally release him…
Tomorrow morning a deliberation will take place at the magistrate court concerning the release conditions of the minor who naively signed on the conditions.
Honenu attorney Wertzberger, who is representing the detainees, responded sharply to the exercises of the police and said that, “Minors are suffering from the low exercises of the investigators, who by means of threats to the minors and their families, and by bypassing the attorneys, are attempting to force unreasonable conditions on them. Therefore we turned to the court so that it would put the police in their place.”

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