Updates on Ariel detainees – One suffered heart incident

Monday, June 27, 2022, 11:22

MK Silman convenes Knesset Health Committee

This morning, in light of the information received by the Chairwoman of the Knesset Health Committee, MK Idit Silman, the committee will convene for an urgent hearing on the “physical and emotional health of the detainees being interrogated by the Jewish department of the GSS.” MK Silman received reports of interrogations under duress and torture applied to the Ariel resident who was detained after defending a group of attacked children just outside of the city.

Honenu Attorney Keidar: Interrogated Ariel detainee dragged naked 200 meters

Shocking testimony from the GSS dungeons: On Sunday, June 26, Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar sent an urgent demand to “Mivtan,” the department of the Justice Ministry authorized to investigate complaints by GSS interrogatees, to immediately stop the interrogation of the Ariel resident who was detained after defending a group of attacked children. In the complaint, Keidar described the series of abuses to which the detainee was subjected under interrogation, including being forced to urinate on himself. Most seriously, the detainee suffered a heart incident.

The content of the complaint filed by Keidar is as follows: We were shocked to read what the detainee had said, and it seems that this is a new low the likes of which we had not yet seen. Several days ago, in light of what the detainee had said regarding sleep deprivation and his medical condition, we sent a letter to the investigating unit. As of now, we have not received a reply. Today, we heard shocking things bordering on severe abuse. The detainee reported that he was humiliated and disgraced to the extreme extent that he was dragged naked for 200 meters as he urinated on himself. Have we descended to the level of Sodom!?

This description is reminiscent of dark and distant places, which apparently are also here in our midst. We demand that the GSS immediately stop the interrogation! Obviously, there are wide-ranging consequences and ramifications to this conduct. In light of the substantial concern for the physical and emotional health of our client, there is no option other than to stop the interrogation. His life is in immediate danger. We also demand that one of your (from Mivtan) investigators immediately report to the GSS facility and take testimony from our client.

Detained mother of seven under interrogation for six hours

Yesterday (Sunday), one of the organizers of the group of children who were attacked just outside of Ariel last Tuesday, a mother of seven children, was detained and taken from her home in Ariel. Honenu Attorney Daniel Shimshilashvili provided her with legal counsel at the police station. After a long interrogation, she was released in the evening.

After her detention, Shimshilashvili stated: “Today, the Israel Police, through the Central Unit of Yehuda and Shomron, did something that must not be done. They came in broad daylight and detained a mother of seven children, in their presence. The police brought her to the station where she spent six hours full hours under interrogation when the matter could have been resolved with a simple phone call. The Yehuda and Shomron Police are continuing their strategy of pressuring victims without verifying facts as one would expect them to do.”

Attacked youths interrogated without parents present

Six youths, some of whom were severely attacked in last Tuesday’s attack just outside of Ariel, gave testimony and filed complaints at the Ariel Police Station yesterday (Sunday). They described the attack by the Arab mob and the unfolding of events to the interrogators.

Honenu Attorney Daniel Shimshilashvili, who is assisting the youths: “Six youths 13-14 years old arrived at the Ariel Police Station after experiencing a horrific incident in which they were genuine targets for murder. The expectation was for the Israel Police to assist the youths with a juvenile interrogator and a psychologist in order to arrive at the truth and arrest the mob that tried to injure the group of children. However, the feeling is that the ‘bulls-eye was drawn after the arrows were shot’ – all means are legitimate to achieve the goal, including preventing parents from being present at the interrogation of minors. The ultimate worst was a 14-year-old in a fragile condition, interrogated under warning for over three hours, and threatened that his life would be destroyed.

I demand that the police set out to apprehend and arrest the attackers with at least the same determination that they applied to these innocent youths whose only ‘fault’ was that they wanted to go on a walk near their homes in an organized and pre-arranged activity. They did not provoke anyone. They were caught in a horrific scenario in which an Arab mob armed with clubs, brass knuckles, and axes completely surrounded them. Fortunately, the only adult who was with them had the wherewithal to prevent their murder. He, in a preposterous situation, is accused of murder as an act of terror.” (One of the Arabs in the mob was killed during the attack. The exact circumstances are not known.)

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