“Why are we giving them prizes?”

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 19:51 Honenu Attorney Menasher Yado who is representing the families of Uri Arish, Hy”d, and Youssef Ottman, Hy”d, who were murdered in the September, 2017 Har Adar terror attack while guarding the checkpoint at the entrance to the community, responded to the announcement on Wednesday, March 7, by the head of IDF operations, Major-General Nitzan Alon to the High Court of Justice, of the intent of the IDF to return the body of an Arab fisherman to Gaza within 72 hours. Yado raised the subject of the families’ demand that a committee be formed to examine how the body of the terrorist who murdered their sons was returned, which has not yet received a reply.
“It’s very nice that the IDF has remembered to give prior notice of the return of the body of a fisherman. Unfortunately the IDF is ignoring the families’ request and has not yet responded to our demand for a committee to examine the return of the body of the terrorist who carried out the terror attack at Har Adar.
“Everyone admits that it was an error, so a committee should be formed to examine the failing. That is the least that should be done after such an error. The families are demanding immediate answers.”
Approximately one month ago the body of the terrorist who carried out the terror attack in Har Adar was returned to his family.
Avi Arish: “How could they return the body when there are still families who are waiting for their children’s bodies? We are shocked. This is contrary to the decision by the Security Cabinet. I do not understand who made the decision to transfer the body of the terrorist. Everything is being done quietly, without informing the [victims’] families.
“They transferred the bodies on Friday, before Shabbat. We saw the [funeral] procession and we were shocked.
“Why are we giving them prizes? They took three children from us. What am I going to tell my son when he enlists tomorrow? Our lives have no value. It is impossible to believe that they are doing such a thing to us. We are bleeding. One can go crazy from a situation such as this. We are bleeding from our sorrow and suddenly they return [terrorists’] bodies? I cannot understand why they are doing such a thing.”
Additionally, on Sunday, February 18, Honenu Attorneys Menasheh Yado and Chayim Bleicher sent a letter to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Arish and Ottman families demanding that he involve himself in the investigation to determine how the error occurred. The families also requested an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister. The letter has not yet been answered.

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