Worshippers at Joshua’s Tomb detained

Friday, February 16, 2018, 16:00 Twelve worshippers, among them minors, were detained at dawn on Friday, February 16 as they prayed at Kever Yehoshua Ben-Nun (Joshua’s Tomb) and Kever Calev Ben-Yefuneh (Calev’s Tomb) in Kifil Haras (Timnat Hares) near the Ariel Junction in the Shomron.
The worshippers were taken to the Ariel Police Station, interrogated and released several hours later on condition of 15-days distancing from the Shomron. Honenu Attorneys Adi Kedar and Nati Rom provided legal assistance.
Honenu notes that the worshippers did not violate any law. The tombs are located in Area B, which Israeli citizens are permitted to enter. Also the demarcation order temporarily forbidding Israeli citizens to enter Kifil Haras has expired.

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