Ya’alon mentions “Price Tag” incidents in Memorial Day speech, audience disapproves

Monday, May 5, 11:06 The issue of “Price Tag” incidents has been very much in the public eye recently, even at an official governmental Memorial Day ceremony.

At a ceremony marking Israeli Memorial Day at a military cemetery in Tel Aviv, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon raised the subject of “Price Tag” incidents in his speech, much to the disapproval of some of the bereaved families. For more information please see here.

In response to Ya’alon’s speech on Monday, May 5 numerous journalists received a message from The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization. Disabled veterans and injured soldiers objected to the cynical use of bereavement by the Defense Minister in order to gain air time and censure “Price Tag” incidents. Text of the message, translation by Honenu:

At a time when we stand opposite the graves of our friends, and the Israeli government releases some of the terrorists who have murdered them and injured us, we have had enough of the denunciations [of “Price Tag” incidents] which are no less ugly than those acts. Enough with taking advantage of our bereavement, and our blood that is shed for the sake of the Land of Israel, in order to make the headlines.”

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