Yitzhar minor detained at home

Friday, June 24, 2016, 8:57 At approximately 3:00 AM on Friday, June 24, large numbers of police detective, ISA, and police forces raided the home of the Yitzhar minor currently under administrative orders and detained him.
The family said that the police and ISA forces broke into their house, did not present a warrant, confiscated the minor’s parents’ cell phones and refused to allow the father to accompany his son to the police station, which is in violation of the Youth Law.
The policemen also refused to allow the minor to take any personal items with him, including his tefilin.
On Thursday, June 23, in an unprecedented step the GOC of the Home Front Command, Major-General Yo’el Strik, ordered the minor to stay at an isolated farm in the south of Israel for the duration of the order, despite opposition from his parents. The parents have not given their consent to the arrangement and they are not acquainted with the owners of the farm.
Major Yizhar Yitzhaki, the head of the Operations and Human Rights Branch of the Military Advocate General, sent a letter to the minor’s Honenu Attorney informing him that the minor must move that very day to an isolated farm in the south of Israel where he will receive, “a bed to sleep in, food, and sanitary facilities, as required.”
At some time today (Friday) a deliberation is expected to be held for the minor at the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court.

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