Yitzhar residents detained, banned from meeting with attorney

Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 12:03 On the night of Monday, May 26 two residents of Yitzhar were detained on suspicion of involvement with “Price Tag” incidents. The two were taken to a GSS detention center and not allowed to meet with an attorney. Honenu attorney Adi Kedar filed an urgent appeal on their remand and in the afternoon on Tuesday, May 27 they will be brought to a deliberation on their case. GSS investigators notified Honenu that the order banning one of the detainees from meeting with an attorney would be lifted in the early afternoon hours of Tuesday, May 27.
Additionally on Tuesday, May 27 a deliberation took place on an appeal filed by Honenu attorney Yossi Lin with the Lod District Court on the remand extension of a youth from the Shomron who has been held by the GSS since Wednesday, May 21 on suspicion of involvement with “Price Tag” incidents. The court rejected the appeal. Both the detainee’s remand and an order banning him from meeting with an attorney have been extended twice and are in effect until Wednesday, May 28.
The GSS and police investigators are refusing to inform Lin of the charges against the detainee.

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