Youth arrested yesterday near Migron released

Tuesday, July 19 15:47 At the Jerusalem Magistrate Court this morning the youth arrested yesterday at the Michmash Crossing gas station on suspicion of assaulting an Arab near Ramat Migron was released.
As we have already reported, yesterday morning dozens of Arabs approached the Ramat Migron outpost. Residents of the outpost clashed with the Arabs and seriously wounded one of them. One of the residents suffered a head wound from a thrown rock.
Afterwards large numbers of police forces arrived at the scene and detained four youths that were standing at the Michmash Crossing gas station. Three of the youths were released yesterday (Monday) and one was brought to court this morning.
At the end of the deliberation at which Honenu attorney Yehuda Shushan, who represented the youth, demanded the release of the youth, the court decided that the youth would remain confined to his community for five days and be under a restraining order banning him from entering Ramat Migron for three months.
At the deliberation on the appeal filed by Honenu attorney Naftali Wertzberger on the release conditions of the youths arrested yesterday and released to house arrest for several days, it was decided to allow them to remain at the yeshiva at which they study.

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