Youth detained on suspicion of assault released

Friday, February 8, 14:29 The Jerusalem District Court released to house arrest until Sunday (February 10) the youth suspected of assaulting two Arab taxi drivers.
On Thursday, February 7 the youth’s remand was extended by only one day despite the demand by the police to extend it by 10 days. Judge Drori criticized the police for relying on a problematic identification made by the Arab taxi drivers.
The appeal filed by the police with the district court was rejected by Judge Segal.
On Friday, February 8 the police demanded an remand extension of 8 additional days. The Jerusalem Magistrate Court partially acceded and extended the remand until Sunday.
In the appeal filed with the district court by attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir on behalf on Honenu, Judge Drori overturned the decision of the magistrate court and ordered that the youth be immediately released to house arrest until Sunday, February 10.
Judge Drori criticized the existence of the the Unit for the Investigation of Nationalist Crimes which in a discriminatory manner deals only with Jewish crime and not with Arab crime.
The Unit for the Investigation of Nationalist Crimes was founded by the Police Commissioner for the purpose of investigating what are known as “price tag” incidents.
Honenu stated in response that, “The Jerusalem District Court did well to release the youth who was falsely detained and especially to make clear to the Israeli Police that the very founding of a unit which investigates crimes committed by Jews against Arabs and not the opposite is unacceptable and racist. We hope that the police will come to their senses and stop persecuting innocent right-wingers.”

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