Zion Square altercation detainee released to house arrest

Monday, August 27, 16:38 One of the minors, a girl, detained in the course of the altercation at Zion Square in Jerusalem on August 16, has been released to house arrest.
A short time ago Jerusalem District Court Judge Raphael Ya’acobi accepted the petition filed by Honenu and ordered that one of the main suspects in Zion Square incident be released to house arrest. The judge also rejected the police request to delay carrying out the order until tomorrow.
Yesterday, the Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended the remand of all the minors suspected of involvement in the altercation until the indictment is filed tomorrow (Tuesday). Honenu attorney David HaLevi, who is representing one of the detained girls, filed an appeal today with the Jerusalem District Court on the extension of her remand. According to HaLevi, due to the young age of the detainee an alternative to remand should be found. The police claim that the girl is the main figure in the incident. During interrogation she claimed that she had been raped by the Arab a short time before he was attacked.
Judge Raphael Ya’acobi accepted the appeal filed by HaLevi and ruled that house arrest was sufficient. In response the police requested that the court delay carrying out the ruling. Judge Ya’acobi rejected the request out of hand.
For over two weeks the remand of the individuals involved with the altercation has been extended and the police intend to file an indictment against the minors this week.
Sources close to the girl claim that the strict treatment of the incident stems from “the incitement of the Prime Minister, the police and the media” against the minors involved with the incident. “The strange competition over who is striving more for peace and who is more opposed to violence is what caused the youths to be so severely treated. It is a shame that there is not this type of treatment when Jews are injured by Arabs, which happens frequently.”
Honenu attorney David HaLevi, who is representing the girl, reported in response that “The decision of the court to release my client to house arrest despite the claims voiced that she is the main figure in the incident speaks for itself.”

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