12 year old boy detained at “Circling the Gates” in Jerusalem

Monday, April 23, 14:59 A 12 year old boy was detained yesterday evening at the “Circling of the Old City Gates” around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Honenu reports. The boy was detained after a knife was found in his possession. After interrogation at the police station in the Old City of Jerusalem he was released to his home.
Approximately one thousand people participated in the traditional “Circling of the Old City Gates” in honor of the first day of the month of Eyar. Due to the customs of mourning during the period of Counting the Omer the participants restricted themselves to singing with no musical accompaniment.
Police forces on the scene conducted random security checks on some of the participants, including the 12 year old boy. Among the items found in his possession was a pocketknife. He was arrested and taken to the Kisleh Police Station near Jaffa Gate.
During his interrogation the boy claimed that he had found the pocketknife earlier on the street. After interrogation the boy was released to his home.

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